Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Notwithstanding with the economic crisis that we are experiencing now a days, the animation industry is pushing its project to help the aspiring artists to join in the international animation outfit in abroad. Numerous independent groups of animators are also erecting their own events to showcase some of their works and inviting prospective advertisers and some of the luminaries from the political turf to support their craft.

It is extremely transparent that filipinos are world class animators and artists, some of these artists work before in the big animation studio in abroad. Because of the increasing demand in the global outsourcing, more artist bite the offer to render their service there in abroad and for the long time they work there as an animators and artists, they were able to stamped their names in the international animation wall street.

There are two animation movies that will be shown this year (2008) the Urduja of the GMA network (correct me if I am wrong) and DAYO animation. Both of these films were originally created by filipino artists and animators. With these projects, expect that the animation industry here in the philippines will have an impinge of changes and will escalate improvements of statistics in the human index in the manpower context.

As of this writing, there were also groups of animators here in Western visayas that are honing there skills to unveil their craft, these are the APEX101 Animation Works, Montogawe Animadic and the Dimbox.The Montogawe Animadic, created the very first animated town history of Mina and it was shown last decemeber 2007 to the Mina Gym. More animation projects will come soon this year 2008!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Montogawe Animation in Mina::

Ani Madic

The New group of artist from the Municipality of mina, launched their work last december 23, 2007 at the Covered Gym of mina as part of the MINA-LGU "Halad Pamaskua Sa Banwa" activity instigated the jumpacked crowd of minahon watching Montogawe the first ever municipality history animation in the western visayas (or probably in the whole philippines).

The animation which runs for 12 minutes was shown to the Minanhons, local executives and officials of Mina . The animation depicts the culture and the legacy of being a true minanhon. The Animadic which engineered the sounds and effects with Dr.Arnold M. Fuentes who lead the animation process has a plan to replicate the success of the Montogawe animation next year- 2008.

This project was a hand full of collboration with the local government unit of mina, the mina town hall, Atty. Michael Defensor and to the top honcho of mina Mayor Rey Grabato. To all the support group of this Montogawe Project thank you and we will do our level best to improve our craft.::

Friday, June 29, 2007


The philippine komiks industry is making noise in the market right now, it is very transparent that filipino artists and illustrators are among the finests in making comics.

The KOMIKS CARAVAN was a 2 day workshop, June 28-29 2007 at the WVSU, with the finest illustrators in the country as the resource person - Karl Comendador and Randy Valiente. This is to revive the comics industry as a vehicle for education.

The two day workshops were fusion of the aspirant artists and script writers. Ofelia Ocampo and Glady Gimena were the resource person in the script writing topic.::